The following list shows the compatibility of Linkpen Join-as-you-type fonts with the software we've tested so far. If you would like to use the fonts in an application not mentioned here, you can download our free test font to try it out. Let us know the results and we can add to this list to help others.

Software Linkpen fonts compatibility
Chrome OS (Chromebook)/Google Docs/iPads/tablets etc. No - these are not designed for use with custom fonts - you will need a PC or Mac.
Adobe InDesign (at least 2017 onwards) Yes - you will need to follow the instructions here.
Keynote for iOS Yes
LibreOffice 6 onwards (free alternative to Microsoft Office) Yes
Microsoft Word 2010 onwards Yes - you will need to follow the instructions here.
Microsoft Publisher 2010 onwards Yes
Microsoft PowerPoint No - try using LibreOffice Impress.
Notepad for Windows Yes
Open Office 4.1.6 + No - try using LibreOffice.
Pages for iOS Yes
SMART Notebook 17 and below No - you will need version 18 or later.
SMART Notebook 18 onwards Yes
TextEdit for macOS Yes
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