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Linkpen 29a is a set of fonts designed to help with the teaching of handwriting. These fonts will enable you to create your own resources – worksheets, signs, labels etc. in your preferred handwriting style.

Linkpen 29a features

No lead-ins No lead-ins
With tail loops With tail loops
No top loops No top loops
Closed b with outflick Closed b with outflick
f with looped descender f with looped descender
k with loop k with loop
o with outflick o with outflick
p closed with outflick p closed with outflick
q joins to u q joins to u
r standard r standard
s with outflick s with outflick
v straight with outflick v straight with outflick
w straight with outflick w straight with outflick
x curved x curved
z curved toop with tail loop z curved top with tail loop
- No break letters except q (q only joins to u)

Download PDF Samples

The PDF samples below will show you exactly which font styles you will receive depending on which font pack you purchase:

Linkpen29a Free Sample Font PDF
Linkpen29a Mini Font Pack PDF
Linkpen29a Mega Font Pack PDF

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Free Handwriting Resources for Linkpen 29a Letter Style

Click on the animated letter below to see the full animated alphabet for Linkpen 29a, plus handwriting practice worksheets that you can print out.

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