Information for Joinit and Cursive Writing users

When we started back in 2009 we wanted to help schools and parents to create a joined up style of handwriting on their computers. One way to do this which we considered was using OpenType fonts with built in rules to control the joins. Unfortunately many school computer systems at the time did not support OpenType fonts, so a different method was needed.

To get around this we created the Joinit toolbar which enabled joined handwriting style text to be created in Microsoft Word. It only worked in Word, and could only join text all in one go. It would not join as you typed.

Happily, most computers used in schools now can handle OpenType fonts, so we have created Linkpen fonts to replace the old Joinit system.

Benefits of Linkpen over the old Joinit toolbar system:

  • Linkpen fonts will join in Microsoft Word, but also many other applications.
  • Linkpen fonts join as you type
  • Linkpen fonts have been redesigned to be smoother and neater than Joinit
  • Linkpen fonts are easy to install and use, as they are just fonts with no need for any "helper" programs or templates

We will continue to support the Joinit product for existing users for as long it is usable in Microsoft Word.

The easiest way to find your new Linkpen letter style is by filtering using letter shapes - click Browse our Letter Styles and tick the shapes that you would like.

If you would like to upgrade from an existing Joinit pack to Linkpen, here is a list of replacements for the most popular Joinit styles to make it easier to find the one you need:

Old Joinit Pack New Linkpen Equivalent
Cursive 1/JoinitC1 Linkpen 2b
Cursive 2/JoinitC2 Linkpen 15b
Cursive 4/JoinitC4 Linkpen 3b
Cursive 5/JoinitC5 Linkpen 11b
Cursive 6/JoinitC6 Linkpen 4b
Cursive 8/JoinitC8 Linkpen 20b
Cursive 10/JoinitC10 Linkpen 10b
Cursive 11/JoinitC11 Linkpen 18b
Cursive 14/JoinitC14 Linkpen 8b
Cursive 15/JoinitC15 Linkpen 7b
Cursive 15/JoinitC15 Linkpen 7b
Cursive 19/JoinitC19 Linkpen 27b
Cursive 22/JoinitC22 Linkpen 5b
Cursive 23/JoinitC23 Linkpen 9b
Debbie Hepplewhite font pack Debbie Hepplewhite Linkpen
Loopy 3/JoinitL3 Linkpen 6b
Precursive 1/JoinitPC1 Linkpen 1a
Precursive 4/JoinitPC4 Linkpen 17a
Precursive 6/JoinitPC6 Linkpen 4a
Precursive 13/JoinitPC13 Linkpen 5a
Precursive 35/JoinitPC35 Linkpen 3a
Precursive 44/JoinitPC44 Linkpen 2a
Precursive 51/JoinitPC51 Linkpen 10a
Precursive 55/JoinitPC55 Linkpen 7a
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