How to choose your fonts

To look through all of our letter styles, you can browse our letter styles.

To narrow down your search, once you're in the "Browse our Letter Styles" page, you can use the filters on the left hand side to select only fonts with or without lead-ins, tail loops, and/or specific letter shapes.

When you've found the letter style you'd like, click on the alphabet image to open up the product information page. You will be able to download PDF samples of each of the different packs available in this particular letter style so that you can check in detail what they will look like.

You will need to choose the size of font pack you'd like. There are three packs available for each letter style. Full details here About Our Fonts:-

  • Free Sample Font (one join connect font)
  • Mini Pack (8 fonts - 4 print and 4 join)
  • Mega Pack (24 fonts - 12 print and 12 join)

It is recommended that you first select the free sample font, add to cart and go to checkout (there's no charge and no payment details are taken). You can try out the free sample font to ensure that everything will work correctly in the software you intend to use before buying.

When you're ready to purchase a font pack, you will need to choose which licence type you require. There are four licence types:-

  • free sample licence (home or school use, non-commercial)
  • single user licence (home use, non-commercial)
  • school licence (unlimited users at one site, includes commercial use)
  • school+staff licence (same as school licence, but staff members can also install the fonts on their home computers)

Full details here End User Licence Agreement

Once you've selected the font pack you'd like, click Add to Cart and then Checkout. You will need to set up an account, which will enable you to download the installation file when the checkout process is complete.

If you need more than one letter style, you will get 30% Multi Pack discount automatically on any additional packs purchased in the same transaction.

The How to download and install page is your next step for getting your new font(s) onto your computer. You will need to download the fonts you've purchased within 7 days for Home Licence customers, 30 days for School Licence customers. For School+Staff Licence customers there is no expiry date on the download.

Please note that the payment for each font pack is a one-off. Once you've purchased a font pack it is yours to keep and use for as long as you wish, with no ongoing payments.

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