How to download and install

After you have purchased a font set, follow these instructions to download and install them.

You will need to download the fonts you've purchased within 7 days for Home Licence customers, 30 days for School Licence customers. For School+Staff Licence customers there is no expiry date on the download.

Click the "Log In" link at the top of this page. After you've logged in with the account you used to checkout, click "My Account" (also at the top of the page).

If your payment has cleared, you should see the Order Status: Ready to download. Click the blue "View" button. You may need to scroll down to see the blue "Download Now" button.

Click the "Download Now" button. What happens next depends on which internet browser you're using (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera) and how you have it set up. You will need to save the ZIP (compressed) file somewhere you will be able to find it later. Some browsers will ask you where you want to save it, others will pop it straight into your Downloads folder.

Next you will need to navigate to the folder where you saved the ZIP file, using Windows Explorer for example. On a Windows PC, right-click the Linkpen ZIP file and then left-click "Extract All". On a Mac, if you double-click the ZIP file, the contents should be extracted automatically.

The unzipped (extracted font files) should be in a folder with a name starting with "Linkpen". The easiest way to install if you're on a Windows PC is by double-clicking the MSI (Microsoft Installer) file - this will install all the fonts automatically. The MSI can also be used by an ICT Technician to install the fonts onto a school network.

Alternatively, you can install each font manually by right-clicking on the font file name, then left-clicking on "Install" (or just double-click each font and then click the "Install font" button at the bottom of the preview window). If you've purchased a font pack with multiple fonts, click the top font file in the list, then hold down shift and click the bottom font file in the list. Right-click, then left-click "Install" to get them all installed in one go.

That's it! The next time you open your Word processor software, for example, the new fonts will be in your dropdown font list. If you left the program open during installation, you may need to close it then restart it to pick up the new fonts.

Important! If you're using Microsoft Word with a join font, you will need to turn on contextual alternates.

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